How To Achieve Success


Are You Achieving Success?

Do you have regrets over hopes, dreams and desires that never happened?

Are you blaming other people, life circumstances or even your own shortcomings?

It is time to STOP despairing.

Whatever you are blaming your lack of success on,

The real truth is that most of us have never been taught how to BE a Success.


Today, you have the opportunity

To choose your life course and to Learn to be the Success

That you aspire and deserve to be.


No longer will you listen to people telling you that you “can’t”

You will be showing them that you “can”.


You will no longer be someone that dreams about Success, You will BE a Success.


It doesn’t matter if your are in High School or College, if you are planning your retirement, or if you are just plain fed up with your job,

this CD Series will teach you how to plan and live a successful life.

The Enrichment Guides is 5 Stars to Success“This is an amazing CD series that contains all the elements for becoming successful!  The principles within these CD’s need to be ingrained in your mind to become second nature. Anyone can be successful if they live by and are willing to work the principles taught in the Enrichment Guides to Success!”


T. Kenneth Neese    NY

What is Success to you?

  • Moving out of that small apartment into your own home?
  • Owning your own business to get away from long hours and an unappreciative boss?
  • Being the Best at whatever you do?
“I was very encouraged by the theme of personal achievement interwoven throughout the “Enrichment Guide to Success”.
I am blessed to know Kathy personally and have often been challenged and blessed by her personal example and real life financial victories.
The Success recordings is a wonderfully fresh reminder of how each of us have wealth within our reach.”
Rev. J. J. Jacob,   TN

Whatever Success is to you, This 6-CD Series “Enrichment Guide to Success” will make the difference between who you are and who you aspire to be.

All you need to do is follow the effective principles

as they are presented.

  • You will be given a tested formula to achieving Success.
  • You will learn the principle of sowing.  Did you know that you can sow Success before you actually have it?
  • You will learn how to avoid the ruts and the obstacles in life that try to keep you from Success.
  • You will be given the Insider Secrets that will lead you to Success.

These CD’s are packed full with information needed for you to take control of your life.

Other topics we cover are:

  • Personal Qualities and Characteristics of Successful people
  • The Importance of saving your ideas to catapult you to Success...
  • The Means to Change Your Negatives into Positives
  • Overcoming Your Fears…
  • Acquiring Skills
  • Concentration and Focus…
  • Habits
  • Goals…
  • Decision Making
  • And More…


Dear Success Seeker,

I have heard people say over and over again, “I always wanted to do that” and  “I wish I had…”  You have probably heard someone say those words or perhaps have said them yourself.  That has been my motivation behind the Enrichment Guides.  For most of us, all that stops us from succeeding at reaching our goals and dreams is mind-set.  Our schools teach us knowledge, but we are never taught how to use our skills and knowledge together to attain our goals.  Our Enrichment Guide products are to teach people how to change “always wanted to….” into “I did…”   Each day of our lives is a gift which we often take for granted.  That is why so many get to the end saying “I wish I had…”   If you are ready to learn how to turn your hopes and dreams into reality so that you will be one that says “I did”, then these recordings are for you.  Place your order now and don’t waste another day of your precious gift of life.

Live a Blessed Life,



Are YOU ready to take control of your life?


These CD’s contain over 4 hours of teaching!


To help you even more, we have published a Workbook to further enforce the principles that are taught.  When you work through the exercises in this Workbook, you will have created

your own personal road map to Success.


The cost of the 6 CD’s and the Workbook is $97.00

Now on Sale for $37.00


Your Success is worth much more than that.  But, we are so anxious that you start on that road to Success right now, that

we will include the Workbook for FREE as a Bonus!


That means, that you will receive the tested formula to Success AND the Workbook with 16 Steps to Your own Personal Road Map to Success for



If this product is not as described, you may return it within 30 days for a $`37 refund– No questions asked.

Don’t waste another minute of your life wishing and hoping.

Take action NOW by clicking on the button below.


To reward you for taking action, we are also going to include Bonus #2:

You will receive FREE with your order,

the “Enrichment Guides 10 Tips To Keeping Your Cool” booklet

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